Friday, January 1, 2010

Parker Griffith - The Candidate on the Hot Seat

Dale Jackson comments on Congressman Griffith. Parker Griffith is a man that simply cannot be trusted. On the WVNN web site, Dale Jackson lists many integrity issues of Congressman Griffith, and simply calls him a liar.

Parker Griffith his actions reflect that he is against slowing the tide of illegal immigration in Alabama ,,

In his private life, Parker Griffith has demonstrated that he was very talented and made a fortune as a medical doctor and in his chain of funeral homes. Griffith has shown himself to be a generous person in donations, giving generously to Democrats like Senator Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Congressman Artur Davis, Congressman Bud Cramer, and many more. Parker Griffith Donations


Southern Christian said...

Now that 2 Resolutions have been passed by the Madison County Republicans, it appears that Parker Griffith does not have any Republican grass root support. In addition the Limestone County Republican Party also passed an negative resolution about Griffith, reflects that Parker Griffith is going to have a very difficult time surviving the Republican Primary.
Can we forget that Parker Griffith voted with Nancy Peliso and the liberal Democrats 84% of the time.

victoria_29 said...

I moved to the 5th District in Oct, so I had no prior knowledge of any of the 3 candidates-well Griffith I did a little because he was sitting Congressman. I am not a Republican or Democrat, I am a plain grassroots conservative. I independently researched all 3 candidates-yes, I even gave Parker a chance because unlike many since not here during last election I had a neutral view of him & I don't necessarily vote a party line ticket. Here is the way I see the race, Parker no doubt is RINO-yes he voted right on healthcare, but he also voted for Pelosi-which means he has some responsibility there, he has voted with Dems 87% of the time & the times he did vote against where times his vote didn't matter. Then we have Mo Brooks-who I have never met personally-nor have I any of the 3 for the record. I went to his website, then I googled him, did a little research including reviewing the resume that is available online. Found several things that troubled me, is yes no matter what his claim is he is a career politician, he has went from one to another tax payer job. I also found that he voted to raise the cost of garbage in Madison (now I don't live in Madison so no dog in that race) but what troubled me is also reduced the services from 2 X wkly to 1, then there is discrectionary fund use-there has been some questions about the spending of these-I don't really understand the whole thing so I am not going to even guess about them. What troubles me is that there was questions even brought up about it, obviously the newspapers thought there was something there. I have seen his campaign brochures & he talks a lot about fighting but I couldn't find where there is a history of doing this. Another troubling thing to me is on his website he did not address his beliefs on abortion, same sex marriage, or states rights. Most troubling of all-was he did not address his beliefs/feelings about the Constitution. (I wonder when he finds this post if he will go back & do so) I feel that we have a right to know a candidates beliefs on these.

Then I went to research Les Phillip, wow I stopped, I was impressed I will not lie. I truly believe that he is in this race because he loves this country & is proud of us. That's it, he stands for America. He proudly stated that he is pro-life, that he took an oath to defend the Constitution & this is what he intends to do, he talked about marriage. I respect anyone that is willing to unequivocally state what they believe & let the chips fall. He sounded a lot like friends of mine, not a politician mouthing platitudes to get elected, he came across as sincere. He has my support & I look forward to the time I get to meet him in person, he is the type of man I would be proud to say is MY CONGRESSMAN.

Bamabelle said...

Les Phillip is the best candidate for the Congress in the 5th District of AL. Phillip is well-educated, true conservative, believes in fiscal responsibility and is running because he knows he CAN make a difference for his constituents.

He doesn't aspire to be a career politician, in fact, has said as much. He will stand up for what is right, for our values, even in the face of opposition. He will not compromise.

This is who we need in Washington, not more of the same.

Nick said...

I find it exciting to hear a black person critize Obama. Les Phillip appears to be right on most of the issues. He has the Alan Keyes type support, but wonder if agrees with Alan Keyes on open border and he also appears to be ignoring the illegal immigration issue. While Les is an interesting candidate, it does beg the question if Les as a black is electable. He is currently way behind in fund raising in comparsion to the other candidates.
There is another conservative in the race, Mo Brooks, who also is worth looking at. During the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan in 2003, Mo Brooks did take on a popular governor to stand up to the tax plan, while most Republicans went and hid on the side lines. Reality is that Mo is the only conservative that can win.

Southern Christian said...

Parker Griffith has actively supported Government Health Care

Griffith actively campaigned for government run health care (then known as “Universal Health Care”) in his 2006 campaign for Alabama Senate and 2008 campaign for Congress. Huntsville Times, May 31, 2006 & August 25, 2009; Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee News Release, January 21, 2010.

After pushing Universal Health Care, he claims to be leaving the Democratic side because of the Health Care Bill on the table right now. What??? Not everyone will be covered by the current bill, therefore, his old position was actually more liberal than the one the Democrats are pushing today. Griffith claimed to have switched because the Democratic Party moved away from him. The facts presented clearly show that Parker Griffith’s switch was done for political, not ideological reasons. When it comes down to it, the guy just can not be trusted.

It appears per poll on WVNN that Mo Brooks is the leading conservative in the race.